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Now Is The Time

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Welcome to Calming Comfort Massage Therapy, I am happy to be here with you and hope that I can serve you well. After practicing massage for 30 years, working for some wonderful people in their various businesses, now is the time for me to open a space of my own. I’m grateful to have found a beautiful location in downtown Barberton, Ohio at the Alexander Commons Building, just one block away from Lake Anna. My studio provides a place for women of all ages who are seeking to relax, rest and find relief from the daily array of stress and strains, both physically and mentally. My work is both therapeutic and soothing, meant to not only ease pain, but to pamper tired and achy bodies.

This blog page is here to share with you any useful and interesting information I can find, that will help to support you in taking the very best care of yourself. I realize there’s a vast sea of articles and suggestions available at our fingertips these days, so I’d like to be able to narrow down the search by featuring whatever comes my way that may be pertinent to every woman’s well-being.

Whatever phase of life we are in, now is the time to pay attention to our health and do the best we can to nurture our bodies.

Massage is a great addition to any healthcare regimen. It’s way more that just a luxury, for many of us it’s truly a necessity. The proven benefits affect every system of our body, as well as giving our mind and soul a place to slow down. I feel so blessed to have been given this work to do and look forward to the opportunity to bring some more calming comfort into this world. Now is the time for us all.



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