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Begin Again

Updated: Jan 25

New beginnings bring unknown possibilities. Of course, hoping for the best seems to be the natural response, but I've come to understand that I don't know what the best really is.

My ideas are certainly not always in line with what God might have in store. If I hold loosely to whatever the next endeavor may be, I can trust that it will unfold as needed.

That being said, I am happy to be starting my practice anew in Downtown Wadsworth! It feels good to be in a familiar setting as I have been living in the area since 2016. I know that the sense of community and commitment to helping small businesses thrive is strong here. I appreciate the support!

I want to bring the work I've been doing the last 35 years to women who may be in need of care. I look forward to meeting new clients, as well as continuing to serve the ones who have stayed with me through the years. I'm glad to be able to offer some relief and relaxation in this stress filled world.

Ultimately though, seeking physical comfort is not what matters most. But if touching people's pain can possibly touch their hearts and maybe a soul along the way, I am more than grateful for the opportunity. That's a possibility I will continue to hope for!

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37


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