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Quiet Beauty

Some have wondered and others have asked if people usually talk during their massage. I would say some do and some don't. The important thing to remember is that this time is all about relaxing and enjoying the experience in whatever way is best. One thing I've come to realize in my own experience of taking time daily to sit and be still is that quiet on the outside can sometimes make me more aware of the chatter that goes on inside. I get to hear all my thoughts and other things that may be whirling around in my heart. What I've also found though, is that when I give it some time and turn from the clutter, it eventually settles down.

Being quiet during a massage however can be different than that. It's a time to "hear" what's going on in my body and be aware of what it's asking for. My ideal state in that time is to be conscious enough to feel everything that's being done, but also be somewhere in a dreamy drifting state....kind of like sweetly falling asleep. I can get pulled away from this peaceful place when a therapist is talking to me about things other than what we are there for.

I realize of course that not everyone experiences that in the same way, and some find conversation to be relaxing. By all means, I want to respect each person's preferences, and do appreciate the chance to know my clients better.

From my perspective as a therapist, I can say that sometimes it's a little harder to focus on what I'm doing when someone is talking to me, (especially if they are facedown and I'm straining to hear them). It's easier for me to get in-tune with each stroke and the muscle beneath it when I'm able to "listen" to the person's body.

The most important thing is that there are times when it is important to speak up. If ever I am doing anything that makes someone uncomfortable I want to know right away! If the pressure isn't right, if it's too warm or too cold, if the room is too bright, the music too loud or too soft, etc. Certainly any questions someone may have during the massage or feedback they want to give about how it is feeling is more than welcome.

My hope is for each woman to get what she needs in whatever way I can provide it.

I by no means want to discourage anyone in asking for what suits them best, and I will do my very best to offer that back. Communication is the key to getting a great massage, and quiet listening can be part of the beauty of it!


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